Iryna Shevchenko

We Are by Your Side So You Can Do The Things You Love

Founded in 2011 HomeClean quickly built a reputation as one of the leading providers of residential cleaning solutions within New York and Miami Metro

Hi, I’m Iryna and I am the owner of the HomeClean Cleaning Service. HomeClean is a house cleaning business.

Here is a little about how I got started in this business.

I was born into a hard-working family in Ukraine. My mother always taught me to be honest, kind, and to work hard. She kept a very tidy and organized home and she had an eye for detail. She instilled all of these great traits in me.

Ten years ago, I moved to the US and took a job as a house cleaner in a Five Star hotel in Florida. It wasn’t long before my boss noticed my hard work and attention to detail. I soon was promoted to supervisor and had a staff to train. When I trained new people, my dream was to have my own cleaning company.

Now, my dream becomes a reality, and couldn’t be happier. I own a home cleaning company and have more than thirty employees from Eastern Europe working for me. All my employees are carefully selected, background checked and well trained.

I’m so grateful to my mom for some Tough Love for Purity.

My Motto: “The fruit of your own hard work is the sweetest”.

What Do We Do at HomeClean Miami?

HomeClean Miami brings forward the most coveted and professional cleaning services in the country. Our vast array of experience in different cleaning areas is what separates from others in the industry.

Our domestic, as well as commercial cleaning services, are performed under absolute supervision and care. The attention to detail we provide is rare to be seen anywhere else.

You can choose from a seamless array of exciting cleaning packages that are standardized to perfection. At the same time, we also attend to tailor specific needs. If your home, office space, commercial entity, Airbnb, and more require exclusive catering to needs, don’t hesitate. Let our team know so we can arrange the finest customized deal just for.

Why Do We Love Catering To Our Clients?

HomeClean Miami stands by it is believed that cleaning services should be provided conveniently. Our customers are as important to us as is our team. It’s no wonder why we term them the reason behind our success. 

Our quality surpasses all consumer expectations and the result is sheer bliss. This is what our company designates as Fantastic Philosophy.

How We Make The Best Use of Our Resources for You?

HomeClean Miami makes use of modern-day technology and products, designed to leave your home in spotless condition.

From powered vacuums and digital cleaners to hazard-free, environmental products – it’s always a winning situation when we are around.

Chemicals and toxins are not only hazardous for our beloved clients but our team members too. That’s exactly why we avoid their use in the first place. We have replaced them with other environmentally accepted techniques and strategies. The result is nothing but the best for your health and wellbeing.

HomeClean is Miami's #1 Domestic as well as Commercial Cleaning Services Provider

From your home to your office, commercial entity, or Airbnb – HomeClean Miami brings forward an exclusive array of cleaning services. We have been serving the city of Miami, Florida for several years.

The repertoire and reviews from our clients keep them coming back for more. We cover all of Miami and its nearby adjoining suburbs.

We adhere to Strict Cleaning Regulatory Practices for The Most Wholesome and Rewarding Cleaning Experience

HomeClean Miami is regarded as the city’s most renowned expert cleaning services provider. Our strict standards and enhanced protocols give your living and working space the care and attention it needs.

With over 10 years in the cleaning business, we know the ins and outs of managing cleaning strategies. This is why it’s easy for us to adapt to the competitive industry’s changing demands and needs.

We make it a point in our cleaning policy to never cut corners. We don’t take any shortcuts, ensuring you get the best returns on your investment.

A Clean Living and Working Space is a Happy Place

Our maids Will Do Everything To Achieve It

The environment you live in and the air you breathe – these are two things that every single one of us needs to function efficiently. A healthy and clean living/working space can dramatically affect your mood too.

At HomeClean Miami, our maids are trained to provide you with nothing but the best. They are trained to work in a timely and organized manner, delivering top quality services, every day of the week.


We care about your house cleaning and we’re not satisfied if you’re not satisfied with the maid service.


We proudly serve New York City and Miami Metro areas.


Are you moving out or moving in a new home? Let us help you clean and take care of your property.


HomeClean offers a verity of Office, Industrial & Maintenance Cleaning Services.

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It Has Taken Us Years of Hard Work, Dedication and Struggle to Reach The Top Position We Claim Today

Our success story is unique. We did not turn into Miami’s best home cleaning service provider overnight. It has taken us years to achieve the proclaimed position at which we stand today.

Above all, our constant belief in bettering our performance from yesterday is what keeps us going.

We have invested a lot of resources in the form of time, money, and efforts to get to where we stand today. It’s no wonder why clients keep coming back to us for their needs. And it is also the client’s loyalty that motivates us to do better each day. 

HomeClean Miami is As Strong as Its Workforce - We Take Pride in Becoming The Best Versions of Ourselves

Be it our customer representative’s team, fabulous cleaners, managers, supervisors, and more- Home Clean Miami takes immense pride in its workforce.

We celebrate diversity and professionalism of the best kind. Our professional cleaning maids come from different multinational backgrounds. They are fully equipped in terms of experience and skill that is needed to tackle a wide array of cleaning activities.

Our maids possess dedication and diligence across the board. They are trained to complete the tasks at hand impeccably, leaving you feeling satisfied and content to the brim.