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If you are a Miami resident, you would know the fast life the city offers and love the sunny weather. However, with that beautiful warm weather comes the humidity that causes serious cleaning issues in houses and offices, including mold, mildew, and grime. No one would like that: right? It is bad for your health and ruins the aesthetic of your space, but at the same time, it’s hard to choose reliable cleaning services in Miami while focusing on all the daily activities.

So, what is the solution? It is the hiring our Miami Cleaning Service. Why? Who are we? Keep on reading to know the answer.

Premier Miami Cleaning Services

At HomeClean Miami Cleaning Services, we are all about giving your space the nurturing cleanliness that it deserves. We take pride in enjoying a reputable experience as an all European Staff that is always there to clean your house thoroughly.

Our staff is certified and professionally trained under quality control supervisors, ensuring you come to a wonderfully clean and spotless home or office. HomeClean is a Miami Cleaning Service that relies solely on 100% client satisfaction.




When it’s time to book your appointment, simply pay us a Visit and Secure your Date. From there, you can expect our team to contact you to inquire a bit more about your specific needs.

You can even use our Online Calculator to receive a quick and instant estimate.



Our entire team of Professional Maid Experts is here to ensure that you feel safe before, during, and after your experience with us.

We’re Fully Insured and Bonded, and Every Member of Our Team is Trained and Experienced in Servicing homes even during the COVID-19 pandemic. 



Our Maids are Background Checked, Trained, Rated, and Reviewed on every task, so you never need to worry about work quality.

We treat your home and everything inside it with the utmost respect. Our European Maids unlike any other working in Miami today.



For more than Ten Years, we’ve proudly service Miami metropolitan area across a wide range of Cleaning, Sanitizing, and Disinfecting needs.

Today, we’re proud to lend a helping hand with leading technology to make a difference.

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What HomeClean Miami Cleaning Service Specialize In?

We take immense pride in the experience we have garnered over the years of becoming one of the leading cleaning companies in Miami. Our customers rely on us to give their homes and apartments the cleaning services they crave, and we make sure to deliver that in our services.

HomeClean European Maids are specially trained to clean through every nook and corner, making your safe haven as spotless as possible. The cleaning process takes place after consultation with you and as per your needs and schedule.

Our staff is certified for providing cleaning services in Miami that go way beyond a basic brush up and boost your surroundings with a positive change altogether.

We offer various services that you can choose from on a daily, weekly, or a monthly basis including:

  • Basic Cleaning.
  • Mopping of floors and staircases.
  • Detailed vacuuming of rooms and staircases.
  • Dusting.
  • Cleaning of windows and doors.
  • A detailed cleaning session of the entire house.

Hire HomeClean Cleaning Services MiamiTo Feel The Transformation

If you are looking for a regular cleaning service in Miami or have a dinner planned at the weekend but can’t give your house an extra cleaning boost, call us now. Our Miami Maids will have your house sparkling and shining in no time.

Following is why you should book our services:

  • Our Maids uses safe cleansers and the latest cleaning equipment.
  • We take pride in over 10 years of professional cleaning experience.
  • Our staff is comprised of certified and committed European maids.
  • We offer flexible service hours as per your convenience.
  • Extensive cleaning services for homes, apartments, and official settings.
  • Our services charges are fair and transparent.

HomeClean Team Ensure Effective Communication

Our services are for you, and that shows in our work. From first online or on phone consultation to finishing the work, the entire process is structured as per your requirements.

We communicate with you regarding all your needs and how you want your space to look and feel. After thorough communication, we start our work, making sure that you are pleased with it.

We Are a Team Who You Can Trust

Rest assured that our staff goes through a thorough background check before they are made a part of our team. We, at HomeClean Miami Cleaning Services, understand how precious your house is to you. Your investment is absolutely safe with us, starting from the moment you hand over your key.

In case of any misfortunate event, please know that we are licensed and insured, and we will compensate you in every way possible, which we know is highly unlikely.

Our Maids Use Safe & Green Products

It is your home or office, the health of the residents, workers, and visitors matters the most along with caring for our planet earth. That is why we ensure to use safe and eco-friendly cleaning products in all our procedures.

We use products only by recognized brands with safe ingredients and effective results. Also, we disclose our cleaning products and brands with pride as they are safe for you, your kids, and the planet.

We Offer The Best Deals In Miami

Yes, you read it right.

We believe in mutual respect, building sustainable relationships, and fairness. That is why; we offer regular discounts to our regular clients that range from 10 to 20 percent depending upon the service duration.

HomeClean Maids Pay Attention To Details

When it usually comes down to finding the most professional Miami Cleaning Services, HomeClean Miami is the name that you should put your trust in.

We know how imperative it is to pay individual attention to each room of your place because every room has its own cleaning requirements and protocols. The services needed to make your kitchen squeaky clean will differ from those needed to make a bedroom spotless.

We have been cleaning houses for several years; therefore, our staff is highly trained in understanding which technique works best for which particular room.

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Our team is our most valuable resource. All of our maids have earned professional cleaner certification through HomeClean Maid Training Academy.

A Mission Driven by Quality

  • Deliver high quality and consistent cleaning 
  • Provide outstanding customer satisfaction
  • Respect the environment – use eco-friendly products
  • Treat our staff well with stable employment and reasonable wages
  • Focus 100% of our resources on the best quality and service
  • Offer quality and service better than any other NYC home cleaning contractor

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